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The visual storytelling project

Rewritten all living beings’ history by the universe

All living beings are part of the world. All things are like stardust, they look alike when looking from the universe. However, as goes into detail, the differences between living things become clearer and the details become clearer. As the details become clearer, the differences become more transparent. As transparency increases, the meaning behind the layer begins to transform from solid to fluid. This fluidity has a shape in the containers in which it is placed and has a new label such as lifestyles, beliefs, values, expectations, rituals, cultures, and many other things that are abstract concepts that differentiate living things. To better understand that, the idea comes along. The Humantra is a story of different lives living in a common sphere, an effort to understand and make sense of order and life.

All photos are available on Pexels and Unsplash for free

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