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The names are our national tags that identify people's nationality, race, ethics, and more but is this tag enough to know a person? Of course not.

Before going into detail, we understand how much the information written on the imprint is based on the basis and that this basic information is far from the details that make us who we are and that the norms that make up our essence are hidden deep inside


If we take the education life as a starting point to get to know him, İhsan Doğramacı completed his undergraduate education in Business Information Management at Bilkent University and his Master's in Advertising and Brand Communication at Bahçeşehir University. Throughout his education life, he did not have a very successful student profile. As he is aware of his responsibilities, besides completing his undergraduate and graduate degrees as an honorary student, he was invited as a speaker to participate in many school clubs, to establish clubs, and to lead the group in many projects, as well as to tell a brand to his old school in 2017.


In terms of his recent career, he worked as a Senior Marketing Manager at Kantar, which was in the insight and consultancy department of WPP. As of March 2021, he started to work as a Marketing Manager at Turkuvaz Media Group.


He has had work experience in many different fields from the day he started his business life to this period. Different sectors, different firms, different companies, and people. They are all experiences. They are all areas of development. They were all keys to unlocking potentials. He believes that seeing different disciplines contributes to personal development as well as shaping career goals. Such that; He helped him turn some of his potentials into ideas, and ideas into an enterprise.


The first of these is the media company The Brand Planet and the other is the creative brand and communication agency, Visual Atelier, which has been working on two brands for a while. The first of its projects within the scope of entrepreneurship, The Brand Planet, started its active publication life with the motto "Effective information source for decision-makers and opinion leaders". There more than 40 different subjects of the news from Turkey and the world, in order to help them have a career planning and the idea of ​​developing some tools on sectoral issues. These efforts soon found their way into many different platforms such as Bundle, Nabız, and Google News, and have now managed to form a considerable audience. It is nice that people always give a chance to content compiled from different concepts, original interpretations, and ideas that go beyond the standard. Although it seems like a society that is closed to change, curiosity for differences is a good development area for development. Societies that everyone thinks the same cannot be expected to develop.


Visual Atelier, the second of its projects within the scope of entrepreneurship, has transformed into a workshop that initially started as a photography studio, but could evolve to meet the different needs of a brand in different periods and the brand will soon begin to serve.


In fact, these two brands have founding purposes. Like every brand. Basically, it is the desire to be among the most valuable global brands and to create a school where young people can improve themselves when they are new to their career lives, and a job area that will provide employment for people with different experiences. In fact, these may not be the goals set by every brand when they set out, even though they have similar visions, they soon turn into a profitability-oriented and shareholder effort rather than the main goal, and they start to move away from the real essence of the brand. The bottom line is, the further away from a brand, as a human, moves from itself, the more alienated it is to itself. A brand alienated from itself becomes alienated to everyone like a human being.


Although Sezer has a busy working routine, he takes care to devote as much time as possible to himself and his interests. In this context, his interest in art is quite high. This interest is rooted in his childhood. The fact that he did not attend other classes in order to paint on the walls of the school building, which he studied in painting lessons in primary school, was actually a sign of this interest. He worked on wood painting, oil painting, and marbling for a long time. For a while, he gave a gift to Murat Ülker, who designed a box with the Ülker logo. The ensuing phone call remembers that I was quite happy.


He believes that art has a daunting side and a power that balances his emotions. You don't have to have an artistic claim. Sezer looks at the situation from a different perspective. He does art neither for society nor for art, he does art only for himself. Because he believes it is him. This is his communication language. "Maybe we don't have a strong enough slice to present people with content to spend hours in front of them, but the important thing is what it contributes to me in the first place," he says.


He spends a lot of time with people due to his job. He observes them, sometimes gets involved in their lives. Even though he is not living their lives, but only a cross-section, he has a chance to experience their life. Sometimes this is a fabric workshop in Kars, sometimes a luxury bar in Istanbul. Insights gained from different lives, different cross-sections, and different lives enable you to reach a different point in understanding people.


So you begin to see how people who are one, in essence, shape the societies in which they live and adapt to these shapes. This has been a plus for me. Driven by my interest in art, he began to devote time to photography and immortalize the sections of those people's lives, because every moment is unique to him and the thought that he will never come back found a great response in him. He has a very large archive since the day he started to deal with photography. He started sharing this archive free of charge on sites such as Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay, which provide much different stock content. These contents continue to be actively used by the leading brands of different countries in their personal blogs. In recent days, especially Independent newspaper from Turkey are actively using the visual in Sezer's archives.

Sezer thinks that although visuality alone tells many things, it is an element that increases the accuracy of the message you want to give people, unlike those who think that supporting it with text will sometimes create subjective pressure. Such that; believes in the power of supporting visual materials with textual objects. Such that; He believes that I have the ability to describe the music he sometimes listens to, a photograph he sees, or his mental state on paper with a different language and express it from different eyes like a memory.

This mindset prompted him to start working on a book project. He continues to experiment with a quite different concept in the concept of a spiritually themed literature book. If everything goes well, it plans to release in 2023.

"How do I advance his interest in photography and literature?" While he was thinking, he decided to write short stories for the photos he took one day. He especially arranges his photographs in black and white. The reason for this is that Ying-Yang believes in the principle of balance and the need not to be devoid of simplicity.

"Confusion drowns people, but I believe simplicity will always keep the balance of people alive."

In the light of this thought, he started a visual storytelling project named The Humantra with the motto "The history of all living things is being rewritten by the universe ". With the short stories he writes on the photographs he takes, he takes care to make sense and leave an empty space for people to add their own comments. This project continues to reach a wider audience in a very short time, especially abroad, thanks to the fact that the stories are in English, and it shows that the right job is done with the positive feedback of the people.  

Sezer thinks he is among the people who aim to do what I believe throughout his life. Being in the same geography with dozens of creative and entrepreneurial people like Sezer and even before me and witnessing the success of people actually shows how “unlimited” we are as human beings and that we will reach incredible levels as long as we can go above our potential.

Finally, there are a few things I would like to say. You may think that you see yourself as "He's just an ordinary person" in front of anyone. Maybe? Is it correct? Shouldn't be. We are all miracles. Hold on a second. How is this possible? 

From my perspective, just believe in something about our soul, and everything we need is hidden in our essence that makes us stronger, sharing love, affections, and the universe. Sometimes, you can share it with people you are close to. It's a normal reaction to express what we feel inside of us. In the end, we may have to take the wrong path to know what we are. It is possible because we are human beings and we have always had the right to make mistakes, to make wrong choices, to misinterpret proposals. This is a blessing for us, an experience that allows us to strengthen our souls, return to ourselves. I think don't take the time to cause, just focus on the consequences to understand what the lessons and the consequences might be. When you get the main idea of ​​life, you are ready to act.

Once you think differently, we may not be prophets to change the world, but we can have the power to generate new ideas that shape the world, even ourselves, society. This is correct. This is the secret of both life circumstances, that is why, to feel the power of love, change, and positive feelings.

This way we will achieve what we deserve. Just think about what you need. The universe takes care of the rest.

There is always a " transformation " of every departure, as long as; Instead of being a spectator, adapt it to your life and keep going because you cannot reach the destination by standing still. You still have a chance to act.

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