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The Story

The names are our national tags that identify people's nationality, race, ethics, and more but is this tag enough to know a person? Of course not.

This fluidity has a shape in the containers in which it is placed and has a new label such as lifestyles, beliefs, values, expectations, rituals, cultures, and many other things that are abstract concepts that differentiate living things.

To better understand that, the idea comes along. The Humantra is a story of different lives living in a common sphere, an effort to understand and make sense of order and life.

​The point where inspiration from the universe, nature and people turns into art

Understanding the codes of the universe is not easy. For this, it is important to reach a certain awareness and awaken. Well here are some shortcuts to help with awakening.

1. Get inspired like an artist
2. Don't wait to find out who you are to get started
3. Write the book you want to read
4. Unleash your creativity
5. Secret: Do good work and share it with people
6. Geography is no longer our destiny
7. Be kind because the world is a small universe simulation
8. Feel free to explore
9. Creativity is courage
10. Keep raising your frequency all the time

The principles of creativity in the modern age are inspired by 10 main transformative principles that will help people discover their artistic side, decode the universe and help their spiritual journey. Nothing is original, so embrace interaction, learn from the work of others, re-imagine blending it all, and discover your own path. Forget the old cliché about reading what you know! Instead, write the book you want to read, shoot the movie you want to watch. And finally, use your mind, the challenge being boring in daily life so that there is room in your imagination and in your work to be crazy and brave.

The humantra webpage background image
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About The Humantra

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About Şahin Sezer Dinçer

Before going into detail, we understand how much the information written on the imprint is based on the basis and that this basic information is far from the details that make us who we are and that the norms that make up our essence are hidden deeper

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