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All of the work is my own

Mostly, i do. I'm just human. Nothing more.

You may think of me as "He just is a regular person." Right? No way. I am a miracle just like you. Wait a second. How is that possible? 

In my perspective, just believe something related to our soul, and all the things we need are hidden in our core that makes us more powerful, feel love, affirmations, and share with the universe. Sometimes, you may share with people you are close to. That's a usual reaction to express what we feel inside. In the end, it may take us to choose the wrong path to know what you are. It's possible because we are humankind and have the right to make mistakes, wrong choices, misunderstand the suggestions. It's a gift for us, an experience that makes us empower our souls. I think, do not spend time on reasons, just focus on the results to understand what would be the lessons? When you get the idea of it, you are ready for action.


Think differently for once, we may not be the prophet to change the world but have the power inside to spark new ideas shaping ourselves, the community even the world. That's true. This is the secret of both life circumstances, that's the reason, feel the power of love, the change, and positive feels.

In this way, we will achieve what we deserve. Just think of what you need to have. Cosmos does the rest.

Şahin Sezer Dinçer - an Istanbul-based, South Turkey born Founder of The Brand Planet and Visual Atelier





Brand Management and Marketing

Communication Professional,

Creative/ Digital

Photography and

Addict to art-related things

 (First shot) Novel-Writer,

Plan to publish early 2023

Passion to Spirituality,

enlightenment works

Work on a visual storytelling

project called The Humantra


Jan 2021 – Present
Istanbul, Turkey

The Brand Planet

Brand Manager

Feb 2021 – April 2021

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkuvaz Media Group

Senior Marketing Executive

Feb 2016 – Feb 2021
Istanbul, Turkey


Assistant Brand Manager 

Feb 2015 – Jan 2016

Istanbul, Turkey

Yıldız Holding

Marketing Communication

and Creative Design Specialist

March 2014 – Feb 2015
Istanbul, Turkey


Master Degree

Advertising and Brand

Communication Management

Bahcesehir University

Bachelor Degree

Business Information Management

Bilkent University

Foreign Trade Intern 

Jan 2013 – Dec 2015

Ankara, Turkey

Bilkent Holding

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Nothing has an end in life. Unleash its potential.