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Rewritten all living beings’ history by the universe

​You can think of yourself as "I'm just a normal person". Is it correct? No way. We are all miracles. Wait for a second. How is this possible?

Many of us tend to believe that we are just ordinary people, but this is not the case. In reality, we are all miracles. Our uniqueness lies in our own set of experiences, strengths, and talents. Our bodies are incredibly complex, with trillions of cells working together seamlessly to keep us alive. Our brains have incredible potential for creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. We are capable of feeling a wide range of emotions, forming deep connections with others, and experiencing the world in our own unique ways.

When we acknowledge these things, it becomes clear that we are all miracles in our own right. We should take pride in our individuality and celebrate the amazing things that make us who we are. While we may choose to share our feelings with those close to us, we may also make mistakes or choose the wrong path. These experiences are gifts that allow us to gain valuable experience and empower our souls. Rather than dwelling on our mistakes, we should focus on the lessons we can learn from them.

By embracing positive thinking and the power of love, we can achieve the things we deserve. We may not be prophets capable of changing the world, but we have the power within us to spark new ideas and make a positive impact on our communities and the world. This is the key to both our personal growth and the circumstances we encounter in life. If we focus on what we want, the cosmos will take care of the rest.

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